The ongoing benefits of massage can have a profound effect on both the mind and body. Benefits include reducing stress, alleviating chronic pain, and improving relaxation and sleep. Massage can also lower blood pressure, increase range of motion, reduce stiffness and fatigue, increase alertness and improve blood circulation for faster healing.

Even a brief massage can be a bit of a mini vacation for the brain. Many clients report feeling more refreshed and alert, and able to tackle tasks more effectively after a massage.

Our massage therapist is eager to customize a massage that fits your specific needs. Each session will provide maximum relaxation while also helping you with any specific aches and pains.


Relaxation Massage: Also known as Swedish massage; relaxes tense muscles, releases stress, and aids in overall well-being.
30 mins  $35        60 mins  $60        90 mins  $85        120 mins  $110

Deep Tissue: Focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscle which is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains.
30 mins  $45        60 mins  $70        90 mins  $95        120 mins  $120

Sports Massage: A vigorous deep tissue massage combined with stretching and spinal decompression. Ideal for pre- and post- workouts including running, swimming, and weights. *** NOTE*** Please wear clothing appropriate for stretching, for example spandex shorts and a tank top.
60 mins  $70        90 mins  $95        120 mins  $120

Hot Stone: A relaxation massage that incorporates heated stones, which are held in the hand of the therapist and warm the muscles.
60 mins  $80        90 mins  $105      120 mins  $130

Add-Ons / Upgrades

Mini Hot Stone: Fifteen minutes of hot stones on any desired part of the body. A great way to introduce the body to a new style of massage. $10

Hot Towel Foot or Hand Treatment: Hot Towels are used to wrap the hands or feet, creating a cozy feeling that melts away stress. $5

Essential Oil Cranial Massage: A therapeutic cranial massage, with the use of peppermint oil, to invigorate the scalp and relieve headaches. $5

Aromatherapy: Your choice of French Lavender/ Eucalyptus/ Peppermint Oil will fill the air and add a personalized touch to your massage. $5

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