Parking and Arrival

Harmoni Spa is located within Namaste Yoga Studio. There is parking in front of and behind the studio building, but for the spa it is recommended to park in the back.

Once you enter the front parking lot, loop around the building to the right and you will see a large lot in the rear of the building. To enter the studio/spa, our back door is clearly labeled.

Once inside, the spa is the second door on the right.

Checking In

In order to provide you with outstanding customer service, new clients must complete some spa paperwork that gives us insight into your needs. When arriving for your first appointment at Harmoni, please come a few minutes early to complete this.

Payment is due upon completion of the service. We welcome tips for superior service from our spa techs.

Settling In

Once you have completed your paperwork, our spa techs will help you to settle in. Please be sure to silence your cell phone before your treatment.