Skin Care

The overall health of our skin is essential. We eat right and exercise to help maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind, but too often we forget to take care of the first thing that starts to show any form of aging and that's our skin, especially our faces. Regular facials not only assist in prolonging the aging process but also help treat pre-existing skin concerns. Let us help you take your first step to healthier skin.

We offer several options for facials, so you can choose which best matches your skin type, schedule and budget.


To round out your experience at Harmoni Spa, we also offer waxing services.

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal where hair is removed from the root using either a soft or hard wax. Because the entire follicle is being removed, and not just cut somewhere along the shaft as during shaving, most clients will not see return hair growth for 2-6 weeks, though some experience return growth in as little as a week. Our esthetician will choose from several types of wax to suit your individual needs and ensure you have the most effective and comfortable treatment possible.


Harmoni Classic Facial: A deep cleansing facial that is customized to address your skin concerns and is appropriate for all skin types. This facial includes a skin analysis, cleanse, mild exfoliation, extractions, mask and moisturizer with SPF. Also a great option for men!
60 mins  $60

Harmoni Treatment Facial: Whether your concerns are with aging, acne, deeper exfoliations, preventative maintenance, eye/lip treatments or all of the above this facial targets them all! The Treatment facial is completely tailored to your specific skin needs using the latest tools in the skin care world. From Microdermabrasion, LED Phototherapy, and High Frequency to deep peels and intense hydration there is something for all skin types.
60 mins  $80

Sensitive Facial: This facial is designed to give a good deep cleanse to even the most sensitive skin. The products used in this facial are specifically for sensitized skin due to psoriasis, eczema and rosacea to leave your skin feeling clean, hydrated and refreshed.
60 mins  $60

Teen Facial: Specifically designed for teens to address breakouts that are frequently associated with adolescent skin. In this facial you can expect a thorough skin analysis, deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, extractions and a healing mask that will help to rehydrate dry, flaky skin, and help eliminate excess oils.
60 mins  $50

Mini "Lunch-Time" Micro or LED: Perfect for those clients on a time crunch that need a good skin pick me up or those new to the Micro and LED world and just want to try them out
30 mins  $35

Harmoni Back Facial: We often forget that the skin on our backs need love too! With summer right around the corner this is such a great option to get a good deep cleanse in the area we tend to neglect. (Not to mention its incredibly relaxing!) You get everything you would in any of our other signature facials just on your back!
75 mins  $80

Eyebrow  $15
Lip  $12
Chin  $12
Underarms  $20
** SPECIAL ** Brows and Lip just $20 when added to any facial

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